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About Planigrupo


Founded in 1975, we at Planigrupo are Mexico’s leading retail developer and manager with an unparalleled track record who – across the past 45 years, have developed more than 70 shopping centers across the country. 

Planigrupo is a fully-integrated real estate owner, operator, and developer with over four decades’ worth of experience across the design, construction, leasing, operation, and management of these shopping centers, where we’ve built strong and long-standing relationships with an attractive and diversified base of tenants. Our high-quality and diversified portfolio has ownership interests in 36 shopping centers currently in operating spanning approximately 814,000 square meters, placing us as one of the largest neighborhood shopping center owners in Mexico.

Experienced in Creating Value


With a presence in 18 states across Mexico, we have 97% of our managed properties fully stabilized with a 98% collection rate and an 86% rollover tenant rate. Thanks to our well-balanced portfolio and strategic pipeline, we’re able to continue company growth and stable cash flow generation. We’ve developed significant competitive advantages throughout our industry’s value chain. What first began as a third-party fee developer has since grown and transformed into what we are now — a property developer and manager working to build and acquire properties for our portfolio. 

What sets us here at Planigrupo apart from our competitors and peers in the real estate industry is our financial flexibility through our best-in-class development expertise. We also employ a Best in Class Corporate Governance framework which allows us to ensure consistency in strategy while monitoring risk control.

We focus on an eight-point technique for differentiating our approach and taking advantage of our strengths:

  1. A maximization of cash flow generation serving as the financial structure of our company
  2. A disciplined approach to risk to ensure we incorporate key decision-making metrics. 
  3. Long-term strategic thinking, where we focus on long-term decisions that will maximize the company’s growth and performance
  4. A proven track record of growth and management
  5. Tenants with 75% creditworthiness
  6. Long-standing relationships with AAA tenants
  7. A top operating and asset management team with operational excellence
  8. A fully-internalized operating platform to optimize cost efficiency while leveraging experiences to create significant synergies.

Since our creation in 1975, we here at Planigrupo have acquired, developed, and managed more than 1.5 million square meters of Gross Leasable Area (GLA) in prime locations across Mexico. In the last five years alone, we’ve acquired/developed 23 shopping centers, growing our total GLA at an average of 8.0% annually, and our pipeline of identified properties is expected to only contribute to stronger growth and generated cash flow. 

For the latest updates from Planigrupo, especially about our work with investors, property interest, and ESG, please check out our blog page!

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